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In my dissertation, “Self-Interest and Well-Being,” I argue that a full understanding of your well-being, which describes what is ultimately good or bad for you, needs to directly track what is ultimately good or bad for others as well.

In my published research thus far, I have explored the importance of being recognized as a person and the dangers of value capture in bioethics, AI ethics, pedagogy, political philosophy, and philanthropy.

In my current research, I am developing a sociohistorical account of how games and metrics have come to politically define rationality (via game theory and economics) in ways that make us unresponsive to the wisdom of the humanities.


Public Philosophy

Work in Progress


  • Paper on Grief and Posthumous Harm​

  • Paper on Justice and Love​

  • Paper on AI and the Future of Work​

  • Brief on the History of Medical Death


  • Paper on Vice and Status Signaling

  • ​Paper on Intelligence and Wisdom

  • Paper on Alternatives to Democracy


  • How to Think About Values
    (more info here!)

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