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Everyone is already a philosopher, but most people don’t realize it yet.

My job is to help my students interrogate what they think and why they think that so they can become more sophisticated, dangerous versions of the philosophers they already are.


  • P246: Introduction to Philosophy and Art

  • Inaugural Philosophy Department Writing Tutor (Partly Online)



  • P145: Liberty and Justice

  • P141: Moral Theory and Its Critics (Online)

  • P106: Knowledge, Truth, and Morality (Online)

  • P135: Introduction to Existentialism

  • P300: Philosophical Methods and Writing

  • P140: Introduction to Ethics

  • P100: Appearance and Reality

  • P100: Human and Divine Nature

Teaching Award

  • Bo and Lynn Clark Outstanding Associate Instructor

Public Philosophy

  • I cofounded philosophy for humans to bring free and low-cost philosophy conferences, workshops, and classes to the public.

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