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I made a Video Essay

Two weeks ago, I had no idea how to use Adobe Premiere Pro.

But now, I’m pretty good at Googling.

Indiana University is holding a Graduate AI Expo this Saturday, and I have one of twelve featured installations. But it’s job market season, and I’ve been in an out of town.

So I decided to create an eleven-minute looping video for the exhibition space exploring a paper project I’ve mentioned briefly before.

I shot it in my basement office with my cell phone mounted on a $9 ring light tripod. I didn’t realize how up-close and intense my shot composition was until I started editing, and then I didn’t care.

After all, I was busy wrangling with Adobe. It took me over two hours to edit the first thirty seconds of footage, but I got better and faster as I went.

And I found the whole process a lot of fun.

So here’s a sneak peek before this goes live tomorrow:

Let me know what you think! I’m excited to do more stuff like this.



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